"Time Pieces" program

"Time pieces" is a series of video projections and works for solo violin.  

The works for solo violin were commissioned by Anthony Hawley for Rebecca Fischer on the occasion of her 40th birthday. The composers are: Lisa Bielawa, Gabriela Lena Frank, Pierre Jalbert, Rodney Lister, Nico MuhlyPaola Prestini, Augusta Read Thomas, Byron Au Yong.

Works include pieces for solo violin, singing violinist, and violin and drone. 

Time Pieces was premiered at Bay Chamber Concert Series' Screen Door Festival on August 19, 2016. 


Upcoming Performances

  • "Time Pieces," April 25-30, 2017--HIFA, Hirare International Arts Festival, Zimbabwe
  • Ferus Festival, January 6th, National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY 
  • "Time Pieces," September 25th, 2016--Johnny Carson Theater, Lincoln, NE, 7:30 pm